Auto Sewing & Paper Folding Machine
(Negative Folding)

Max. book Size

  • 560mm (Sewing Side) x 430mm (Book Width)

Min. Book Size

  • 100mm (Sewing Side) x 240mm (Book Width)

Book Thickness Range

  • 1-6mm

Sewing Speed

  • 1000-1200 Books


  • 3.5KW, 380V

Air Supply Required

  • 0.6Mpa (8mm Air Pipe) Arranged by user

Mavhine Demintion

  • 2400mm x 2200mm x 1560mm


  • 0.7T


  • This Machine is designed for central thread sewing and folding notebooks. Exercise books, passports, bank account books etc. with manual feeding. it can automatically perform central sewing, folding, book pressing.